Conduct of Chats

What should I do if the Chat becomes uncomfortable for any reason?

If the Client breaks any of the Rules (see Terms and Conditions) then you should end the chat and immediately report the violation to the team at AirSideChat via help@airsidechat.com.
Sometimes you may find that the client doesn't break any rules but asks questions about subjects you can not discuss for national security or commercially sensitive reasons.  If your expertise is such that there would be a natural tendency for chats to drift towards these kind of areas then it is a good idea to make it clear in your profile that some of your expertise is commercially or militarily sensitive and consequently off limits. Alternatively, you could have a stock message prepared that you send out to each client (using the Client message button on AirSideChat.com) ahead of any chat. This serves not only to set the ground rules ahead of the chat but is often appreciated by the client as an ice-breaker anyway.

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