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I want to become an Expert. How does AirSide Chat work?

AirSide Chat connects Aviation Experts with Aviation Enthusiasts.

Before becoming an AirSide Chat expert, there are a few simple steps that you’ll need to do first:

  • Register

    Step one is to register as an AirSide Expert. Complete the application form and provided you can prove that you do, or have previously earned your living within the aviation industry, or you have a very specific expertise within in aviation-related hobby, you are very likely to be approved. Remember there really are no bounds to your expertise in aviation. It might be directly related to airplanes, flying, engineering or further afield - your experience travelling the world or business opportunities around the aviation industry.

  • Setup your profile

    You’ll need to provide a few details about your expertise, upload a photo and/or introductory video, plus write a short biography. All of these will encourage aviation enthusiasts to get in touch so it's worth taking some time on them. You can contact the staff at AirSide Chat if you need some guidance or you can even schedule a chat with one of our own seasoned AirSideChat experts who will be more than happy to guide you through the process and give you some good tips along the way too. 

  • Price and availability

    Once you are activated you will need to set a price per chat and your availability. Your price point is entirely a matter of personal choice. Some experts are very busy and their price per chat will reflect this. Other experts may be retired or working a job that gives them plenty of spare time so they want to do lots of chats each week. Naturally you should expect demand to increase as price decreases so maybe pick a price point at which you would be happy to give up your time and then you can adjust it depending on how much you wish to chat.  For setting your availability you have 2 options which can be used together. You can set Recurring Availability (for instance every Wednesday you’ll be available from 1-4pm). Alternatively or additionally, you can set your availability on a day-by-day basis by using the Availability Calendar menu tab.  

  • And that’s it.. you’ll be chatting and earning money in no time.