Why Not Put your Aviation Experience to use on AirSideChat.com?

Earn money

Set your own rate per 30 min chats and cash out your earnings anytime.

Work anywhere

Chat from home or any other convenient location of your choice.

Share your expertise anytime

Adjust your personal availability anytime on your calendar.

Safety and Security

Ensures that you get paid!


Frequently Asked Questions

How much money can I earn?

As the expert, you are in full control of your price per chat and your availability. Obviously, the more availability you have, the easier it is for Clients to book you. For the price point, we recommend that Experts start first at the lower end of their expectations to start with. Once you have built a good profile with some positive reviews, you should start to increase your price.

How much experience do I need?

Providing that you have worthwhile knowledge in a specific area of aviation, you will be a valuable expert. There are some Pilots and Cabin Crew on AirSideChat who have only recently completed training but they are offering some really valuable advice to those considering following the same path.

Can I get help with the process if I get stuck?

Of course, just email info@airsidechat.com and someone will reply quickly.